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Develop Now, Pay Later

With our Website-as-a-Service model you only pay a monthly subscription that covers everything without putting a dent in your pocket.

Less is more

No substantial upfront payments. No hidden costs. With WaaS, pay the same low monthly fee.

Full Coverage

Need changes? No problem and no extra charges. Our model offers convenience, affordability and peace of mind. We got you covered*.

Change is the only Constant

Everything evolves, even your website. As business grows or sales expand your website stays in sync – All covered in the monthly fee.

WaaS all the Hype?

Subscribe to a service that provides you with all the tools, technologies and support for building, hosting and managing a website.

Safety Guaranteed

Comprehensive protection from all security issues so your website doesn’t need therapy. Nothing gets past our Wall, so tell attacks to go fish.

Optimize Prime

Position yourself with the best outcomes with our results-driven SEO practices. We dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s to enhance your website’s visibility. 

Ramp up with your business

The cost only scales with your business growth, so you conserve your cashflow for what is important./The cost only scales with your business, so hang on to that capital.

Make Waves

Armed with the expertise to tirelessly implement optimizations while keeping things lean, our lightning-fast, tailor-made hosting stack handles the rest. This not only boosts your site’s search engine standing but also elevates user experience, converting clicks into customers.

Designed to seal deals

Our engineering is fool-proof ensuring your website converts visitors into customers because your growth fuels our success too.

Website-as-a-Service Vs. Pay Upfront


Pay Upfront (Traditional)



You make an initial upfront payment for your website, usually 50% in advance and the remaining 50% upon launch. Following completion, you take on the financial responsibility for hosting, maintenance, updates, security, and any additional services. Should you decide to introduce new pages, redesign existing ones, or revamp the overall look and feel, those costs would be separate.

Website hosting, maintenance, security, security, anti-spam, back-ups

Upfront cost (premium websites)


Included in monthly fee

Cost varies by number of pages



Ongoing costs

Any change is an additional cost

Included in monthly fee

Website hosting, maintenance, security, security, anti-spam, back-ups

$200-600 plus additional costs

All inclusive in monthly fee. Daily backups and maintenance, top tier firewall and security.

Our Packages

Premium Website
Monthly Price

$100 + $10/PAGE

Premium Ecommerce
Monthly Price

$150 + $10/PAGE

do you need a high-converting website? is cashflow and cost predictability important to you?


Your ultimate partner in growth, providing seamless tech, tailored designs, and split payment solutions via Website-as-a-Service (WaaS)

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